Monday, 16 April 2018

Striderz mark their best ever position at SAE BAJA 2018! 3rd place from Kerala and 62nd rank in National Level

The Team Striderz from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, competed in SAE BAJA 2018 National Level Competition and won an overall rank of 62 and secured 3rd position among teams from Kerala.
This is by far the best rank achieved by Striderz in the competition ever.
The leadership behind this remarkable achievement is of Assistant Professors Er. Bibin Varkey and Er. Arun K Varghese, the SAE BAJA Students Team Captain Adrian Isidore Felix of S8 ME and lab technical staff Mr. Sooraj Sukumaran.

Congratulations to the entire team.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

MAKE IN INDIA and Mechanical Engineers

‘Make in INDIA ‘, from the name itself the concept behind the project is very clear. It was a project launched by the prime minister of our country on September 25, 2014 inviting huge investments to our country in the manufacturing sector.

According to research results, the current contribution of the manufacturing sector to the GDP is just 15%. The programme is aimed to raise this contribution to 25% by 2025.

Manufacturing is one of the highest employment generating sector but according to the present scenario, there are lot of people in our country who are unemployed. Another known fact is that a major portion of this unemployed community are engineering graduates.

Why this situation..?

There are different opinions regarding this question.

1. Some say that the unemployed graduates are not employable as they lack required quality.

2. Others say that there are insufficient opportunities.

In our country, there are about 6000 engineering and other related technical institutions where about 2.9 million students are enrolled. No country in the world has such a huge number of developing young technical force. Also comparing with other developed and developing countries, technical education in India is accessible to almost all sections in the society as the government provides financial as well as other related supports. Even though, this strength is not used up efficiently.

In this project, government invites foreign and domestic investments to the manufacturing sector by adopting a mix of policies for ease of doing business in India through good governance, decreasing red-tapism and scaling up infrastructural development. Mechanical engineers being the controllers of the manufacturing and design sectors, are hence going to get immense opportunities in the coming years. The economic development that can be brought to our country by this project is very valuable and hence the contribution of Mechanical Engineers in raising INDIA as a SUPER POWER is very vital.

Thus the government has done their part and it’s the duty of the emerging engineering students to mitigate opinion 1 of employability.

So let us make our move by knowing the opportunities, learning for the future.
Akhil Binu
Second Year student.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Top Mechanical Engineering Students

The toppers of University Examinations of Mechanical Engineering Department were recognised and awarded by the PTA of the college.

Dinu V James, in 5th and 6th semesters.

Alvi Joseph Thomas, in 4th semester.
 Remil Sunny, in 3rd semester.

 Daniel Cherian in 1st semester.

 Hareesh K Das, 2nd semester exams.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Are People born talented?

When we look at great personalities we often say “I wish I had that talent”. Is it true that certain people are born with talents? .The answer is quiet simple ,”it is just an excuse to not to try for it”. We often showcase great talents like Mozart who by the age of 10 had managed to compose great compositions as an example for born talents. But, in reality his talent was simply the result of his hard work or more correctly his passionate work. He had spend more than 3000 hrs composing tunes before he was 6 yrs old .We people often neglect this very important point in his success journey. We are too lazy to work for our goals because of which we often put on the fault on the destiny.

Now if it is true that people are not born talented then why some people are extremely productive and some others just not? The formula for success in any field lies in two factors. Firstly, how bad you want it and secondly how hard will you go for it. A large number of people begin their journey but a very few reaches their destinations, this happens because, people are confused with the intensity of their need. If our need to achieve something is not up to a do or die level, then the chances for holding on to the goal is feeble. You might have noticed that in the beginning I had replaced hard work with passionate work, working hard to get something will definitely yield you results but if you are just working hard without any inner motivation then your results will be limited to average .

Now, it’s time to rewire our brain. The saying “nothing is impossible “is not just words they are the building blocks of a successful life. If you really want to achieve something then just go for it. Remember not to give anything less than 100%.

Avinash A Nair

Second Year Mechanical Engineering

Monday, 18 September 2017

Winners of Quest INGENIUM 2017!

Our graduates have once again made us proud!

Jobby George and Jose Tom, Mechanical Engineering students of 2017 batch, have become the winners at the QuEST Ingenium 2017 that was held on 15th September in Trivandrum. This was from a competition that saw nearly 6500 projects from all over the country!

They won the top honours for their project – Electricity Generation Using Speed Breakers. Apart from the cash prize of Rs. 1 lakh, these two students will also get an all-expense paid trip to the Airbus facility in Germany where they will be given an exclusive tour of the facility and introduced to the manufacturing processes and cores engineering side of the business. 

The project team also consisted of Cibin Geevarghese, Amal Abraham and Glen Martin Thomas. The project was guided by Asst Professor Arun K Varghese.