Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Humanity's First Space Nation: ASGARDIA

Science and technology is moving at a rapid pace that's why a multinational group of researches, scientists, engineers and other experts revealed their plans for an independent space nation named ASGARDIA after the city in the skies from Norse mythology. This nation will provide a place free from land based country laws, or it can be considered as a no man's land. The initial step is to launch a robotic satellite in 2017 and then follow up with permanent space station where Asgardian citizens can live and work.

Asgardia's technical structure is comprised of three segments:
1- One or several core satellites
2- Clusters of network-centric small satellites
3- Protective space platform

The founder of Asgardia is Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli. The concept was presented at press conference in Paris on 17 October 2016. The project received more than 400000 applications in just one week from its announcement. Asgardia is a unique for of  philosophical aspect which serves every citizen equally regardless of their country, ethnicity, or other personal welfare. 
"The new space nation of Asgardia hopes to save the human race twice over. First, it will look to protect it from warfare in space and second, it will try to keep humanity safe from the dangers coming from outside of atmosphere, protecting us from threats like space debris and asteroid collisions''
- British online newspaper THE INDEPENDENT

To join the Nation and for more details, you can visit https://asgardia.space/
Ashish M Jacob
First Year Student
Mechanical Engineering

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