Saturday, 19 November 2016

The Chinese TEB

A Bus running over a car! Oh, that seems to be impractical, how can it happen?  Even if it is there, how hazardous it would be? Obviously these questions would arise in every people. However, the Chinese brains have practically found an answer to these questions.
High population, pollution and energy requirement is challenging China in their growth as an economic monopoly. In fact, they are seeking many scientific applications as the solution to these problems. Among them the most recent and the vibrant one is the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB).

China is topping as the world’s most populated country. It also tops for the vehicular population too. This is creating large losses to the country as it leads to the depletion of energy resources and also leads to pollution.  In order to control the problem they increased the number of road lanes and their width. But on the go, they realized that it will not be a good solution to the problem. And now they have come up with a new sensational solution, the TEB.

Instead of adding more lanes to widen the road, what about doing more lanes above the road? That’s the idea behind the Transit Elevated Bus .The TEB travels above car traffic, with the wheels of the bus hitting the ground on the outer edges of the car lanes.
Test Run of  TEB

A test version of the TEB hit the road in Qinhuangdao City on August 2, 2016. The bus which is designed to ease traffic congestion, is a massive structure. It stretches just over 72 feet in length, over 25 feet in width, and almost 16 feet above road level. The TEB is powered by electricity and can carry 300 passengers. Although August 2016 saw TEB in its phase, the developers are hoping the bus will reach maximum speeds of 40 mph when it hits the road for mainstream use.
In a closer watch we can infer that this project is practical to a great extent, and it is advantageous over many other alternatives. Any way the initial installation cost would be a huge sum but it would not be a problem for Chinese Economy. Other countries should seek the help of skilled engineers to implement this technology in their country at a low cost. The zero pollution concept also adds to the advantages of this bus.

Akhil Binu
First Year Student
Mechanical Engineering

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