Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Ninja H2 - Built Beyond Belief

Ninja H2- the Beast among the bikes is now on road. By both built quality and massive technological upgrades, Kawasaki has given birth to one of the most ferocious bike. With a massive power of 210 ps, H2 stands out in the streets. The beast has its flagship model H2R which is powered by a 360 bhp engine, which is only built for tracks and not for roads. When it comes to look, H2 have a mirror finished front fender, side fairings and tank tail panel. The headlight is placed in between the air intakes at the front. Designed by KHI’s Aerospace Division, the mirror stays feature airfoil cross-sections with Gurney flaps that contribute to down force generation. 

Kawasaki is using trellis chassis for the very first time in H2 which makes it more strong and built. Made from high-tensile steel, the trellis frame balances stiffness and flexibility for top performance at higher speeds. 5 spoke rear wheel star-pattern 5 is supported on a single side swing arm.

When it comes to the heart of the beast, H2 boasts about a 998 cc Liquid cooled 4 Cylinder supercharged Engine, which is capable of producing 210 ps power and 133.5 Nm torque at 10000 rpm. Chosen for its high-rpm performance, the centrifugal-type supercharger is incredibly efficient at compressing air (at up to 2.4x atmospheric pressure) while minimizing heat. The impeller spins at 9.2x speed of the crankshaft, reaching speeds of nearly 130,000 rpm, pumping a capacity of over 200 liters of air per second into the engine.

H2 comes with powerful technologies like Kawasaki traction control, Kawasaki Launch control and Kawasaki engine break control which in turn makes H2 more stable and gives it improved handling. 3-mode KLCM provides unmatchable acceleration from a stop by electronically controlling engine output to minimize rear wheel-slip and front end lift. Kawasaki traction control provides 3 different modes for different terrains with a 6 speed transmission and slipper clutch. The world’s only supercharged production street bike engine creates unprecedented power for remarkable acceleration. The heavy growl of the boosted liter-class engine is a sound the streets won’t soon forget.

Adithya Vinod
Second Year Student
Mechanical Engineering

Friday, 2 December 2016

KERALA - Heat's own country

Kerala ,the land of Lakes, Letters and Latex is blessed with a salubrious climate. It is one of the major reason for tagging our state as "God's Own Country". But are we noting the changes in our climate recently? Are we not noticing the immense increase of temperature in Kerala?. During this year’s summer, average temperature of Palakkad was above 40 degree Celsius across the district. Ponds, wells, rivers and all other water reservoirs were dried up during that time.

Reports say that as per last year’s sale of Air Conditioning systems, there is a drastic increase in the volume of conditioned air spaces in Kerala. The heat energy emitted from the AC systems is carried by the unconditioned atmospheric air and thus causing increase in the atmospheric temperature in Kerala. Greenhouse gases released by these systems will also add intensity to the condition. 

Interesting fact is that, when temperature rises, people will naturally tend to buy more air conditioners which in turn give a cumulative effect.This will also result in a steep increase in the consumption on electrical energy.

Finally, where are we heading?

Vinay Mathew John

Assistant Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering

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