Thursday, 7 December 2017

Are People born talented?

When we look at great personalities we often say “I wish I had that talent”. Is it true that certain people are born with talents? .The answer is quiet simple ,”it is just an excuse to not to try for it”. We often showcase great talents like Mozart who by the age of 10 had managed to compose great compositions as an example for born talents. But, in reality his talent was simply the result of his hard work or more correctly his passionate work. He had spend more than 3000 hrs composing tunes before he was 6 yrs old .We people often neglect this very important point in his success journey. We are too lazy to work for our goals because of which we often put on the fault on the destiny.

Now if it is true that people are not born talented then why some people are extremely productive and some others just not? The formula for success in any field lies in two factors. Firstly, how bad you want it and secondly how hard will you go for it. A large number of people begin their journey but a very few reaches their destinations, this happens because, people are confused with the intensity of their need. If our need to achieve something is not up to a do or die level, then the chances for holding on to the goal is feeble. You might have noticed that in the beginning I had replaced hard work with passionate work, working hard to get something will definitely yield you results but if you are just working hard without any inner motivation then your results will be limited to average .

Now, it’s time to rewire our brain. The saying “nothing is impossible “is not just words they are the building blocks of a successful life. If you really want to achieve something then just go for it. Remember not to give anything less than 100%.

Avinash A Nair

Second Year Mechanical Engineering

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